BellaClear's 3-Step System

  1. Renewing Cleanser - Remove the day's dirt and oil and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Our renewing cleanser uses salicylic acid, an effective acne-fighting ingredient, plus soothing aloe, chamomile and kelp.
  2. Refreshing Toner - Our alcohol-free formula is designed to hydrate and help soothe your skin, leaving your skin looking clean and refreshed!
  3. Restoring Lotion - Restore your skin back to its fabulous pimple-free condition with this gentle lotion containing benzoyl peroxide, a proven acne-fighting ingredient.

Step 1: Cleanse

With the active, but gentle ingredient of salicylic acid, and natural aloe, calendula and chamomile, our renewing cleanser will gently remove the dirt, grime and make-up from your day and prepare your skin for our highly effective acne-fighting treatments.

Step 2: Hydrate

Created to hydrate and soothe your skin, our toner helps remove excess oil the cleanser may have left behind. We’ve added witch hazel, a natural herbal extract known for its exceptional cleansing, soothing and healing properties. Witch Hazel has been used throughout the centuries in various skin treatments and will both purify and rejuvenate your skin.

Step 3: Heal

This is the step that separates BellaClear from other forms of acne treatment that focus on teen acne issues. Adult acne can occur from 30 to 55 years of age. BellaClear restoring lotion is designed as a solution for adult acne, incorporating benzoyl peroxide and coleus forskohli oil (to destroy the propionic bacteria which can cause adult acne). So don’t look to those products you used as a teen, grow up to BellaClear!


Your shipment of BC will include:

  • 30-day supply of Renewing Cleanser
  • 30-day supply of Refreshing Toner
  • 30-day supply of Restoring Lotion